There are benefits to being born a star kid: Vijay Deverakonda on nepotism

New Delhi: The recently released trailer of Liger has turned everyone talking about the rising star Vijay Deverakonda. While his film is all set for its Pan India release, the actor has come a long way in his life.

The trailer of Vijay Deverakonda’s Liger is a voice that is echoing all around the internet these days. The actor’s phenomenal performance is clearly visible, it has left everyone talking about it. But the journey of this handsome hunk wasn’t as easy as it seems like. Having traveled a long way in his life, the actor has his own struggles and hardship that routed him to the place where he is today.

Sharing about his break though, in this highly competitive world, Vijay was seen sharing his thoughts on Koffee with Karan. “It’s definitely not easy breaking in when you are like a start outsider with absolutely no access to the industry at all,” the actor said. “It makes it much harder to be alienated. I don’t know if I would say that. Basically, my thoughts on this are that the worlds are not fair. We are not all born with the same financial status, we are not born with the same height, with the same looks, or with the same physical abilities. I had never blamed someone or disliked someone for being born to a rich father. It’s not her fault or any star kid’s fault that they are born to a parent who are acting,” he added.

He further added his thoughts saying “One day I will have a kid who is born into a family, it has nothing to do with him and the world is never fair for anyone, in any field. It’s always in equally, you just have to work your ass off to get where you want, if you want to. There are benefits to being born a star kid but I would not change anything in my journey. I am very grateful for every insult, every hardship, and every obstacle that I have faced in my life”.

Moreover, the audience is eagerly waiting for Vijay’s upcoming Liger to hit the big screens after looking at the trailer.

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