Sysco LABS hosts engaging fourth edition of PerfUp on Improving Business through Performance Engineering

Sysco LABS Sri Lanka hosted the 4th edition of its PerfUp series recently on the theme ‘Improving Business with Performance Engineering’ with the aim of sharing knowledge and increasing general awareness on the facets of Performance Engineering. Initiated last year by Sysco LABS, the series seeks to bring industry professionals together to develop best practices in the Performance Engineering space and beyond.PerfUp #4 examined how Performance Engineering can assist organizations optimize application performance, navigate competition, and retain users.

Speakers for the event were Yoosuf Maktoum, Senior Manager, Quality Engineering from Sysco Corporation and Ranil Weerasinghe, Assistant Director, Software Quality Engineering from Cambio Software Engineering, who shared their expertise.

The speakers addressed how in a post-pandemic world, all technology organizations from start-ups to large enterprises need to embrace digitization for business survival and generate new business. They explained how this has compelled larger organizations to re-evaluate and modernize legacy technology solution to remain ahead of the curve.

The speakers pointed out that as technology evolves and applications multiply, performance engineering plays a vital role in business growth. The successful integration of performance engineering in business will help deliver higher quality, efficient and responsive systems that are capable of leveraging market value and withstanding customer expectations. Sharing his insights, Yoosuf Maktoum, Senior Manager, Quality Engineering from Sysco Corporation said, ‘The success of the product depends on usability and reliability. Enabling performance engineering is challenging, but it is vital to your product’s success. Do not shy away from challenges, strive for precision, and use Performance Engineering to deliver successful solutions.’

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