Suspect arrested for stealing doctor’s credit card

Kegalle Police have arrested a suspect who allegedly used the credit card of a Specialist Doctor attached to the Kegalle General Hospital to fraudulently purchase food and drinks worth more than Rs.200,000.

The suspect was a 52-year-old father of four residing in the Yattogoda area of the Kegalle Police Division.

Police said that the lady doctor had parked her car at a fuel filling station located in the Pithihuma area of Kegalle alternative road and went to get fuel by card. She left her credit card there without her knowledge and left the place. Later, a person who went to get fuel from the filling station saw the doctor’s credit card and picked it up and went to Mawanella town with his wife and children the next day. Later, in Mawanella town, the group purchased food and drinks worth about Rs. 47 000 from a supermarket, went to an electrical appliance store, bought a wall-mounted TV worth Rs.73 000, purchased toys worth Rs.30 000 and clothes worth Rs. 40,000 with the doctor’s stolen credit card.

Later, the doctor has noticed that she had misplaced her credit card and filed a complaint with the Kegalle Police. Following the Police investigation the suspect has been taken into custody after monitoring CCTV footage at the fuel station in Kegalle.

According to Police, the suspect pleaded guilty and expressed his willingness to return the money withdrawn by using the credit card. Police said that the suspect will be produced before the Kegalle Magistrate’s Court.

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