Surya-Shukra Yuti 2022: THESE zodiac signs will get prosperous benefits, Check here

New Delhi: According to Vedic astrology, due to the auspicious position of Venus in the horoscope of any person, a person gets material happiness, marital happiness and child happiness. Therefore, for the information related to marriage and children of a person, only the position of the planet Venus is seen in the horoscope. When any planet changes the zodiac, it affects the financial condition, married life of all the zodiac signs.

According to astrology, the planet Venus is going to enter Cancer on 7th August. The sun is already sitting here. As soon as Venus enters Cancer, there will be a union with the Sun, that is, the union of Sun and Venus. The effect of this conjunction will be clearly visible on the lives of all the zodiac signs. But today we will know some such zodiac signs on which it is going to have an auspicious effect.

Virgo – With the combination of Venus and Sun, the effect on the married life of the people of Virgo can be clearly seen. During this, there will be a good rapport between them. Love and mutual understanding will increase. During this time, you will get rid of any chronic disease. According to astrology, the life partner can get benefit in the job during this period. At the same time, news related to children can be heard.

Aries – According to astrology, there will be an increase in the respect of the people of Aries. Married life of these people will be happy. Will be able to spend good time with life partner. Mutual disputes can be got rid of. Also, some pleasant news will bring a change in life.

Gemini – Due to the combination of Venus and Sun, the atmosphere of the house of the people of this zodiac will be pleasant. The wishes of the people who wish to have children will be fulfilled. Will be able to give time to life partner and health will be good.

This combination is painful for these zodiac signs

According to astrology, the movement of any planet has both auspicious and inauspicious effects on the lives of all zodiac signs. Where the above mentioned zodiac signs will get auspicious benefits. At the same time, this time will prove to be a bit painful for the people of Libra, Sagittarius and Aquarius. They may have a conflict with their spouse. There is a possibility of sourness in the relationship. Therefore, during this time it will be right to walk a little cautiously.

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