Stranger Things' Joseph Quinn Tears Up After Fans Defend Him from 'Yelling' Convention Staff

Conventions can be stressful events for fans and celebrities alike, but it seems like “Stranger Things” breakout star Joseph Quinn may have had a particularly trying time over the weekend at London Film & Comic Con.

The fan-favorite who portrayed metalhead Eddie Munson was reportedly berated by convention staff for talking too long with the extensive line of fans who’d purchased tickets to see him at the event.

The alleged treatment of Quinn, which reportedly included staff “yelling at” him for not just signing and moving the fans along, was first reported across social media, with some of it compiled into a report by Buzzfeed.

“If you guys continue to treat your guests the way you treated Joseph Quinn you are going to lose out on a lot of your regulars with that outrageous behavior from your staff,” tweeted one fan. “It’s disgusting how he was treated.”

Another called Quinn’s alleged treatment “f—ing disgusting,” tweeting that “staff fully yelled at him to shut the f— up and to just sign and not to interact with fans bc they over sold and couldn’t get all people seen.”

While there was a lot of criticism lobbed at LFCC, who has yet to respond to any of the commentary, fans had nothing but praise for Quinn. What the organization reportedly didn’t like is exactly why fans were so appreciative: Quinn took time with each of them.

In a video clip from the event, one fan takes her question time to instead share an “extension of gratitude” to Quinn. She referenced the alleged issues with the staff and Quinn’s treatment and noted, “I just wanted to say thank you from all of us. We’re really grateful that you’re sharing your time.”

As Quinn visibly teared up, she added, “Thank you for singing our things, for spending time with us and making our summer.” After she wrapped up and while wiping up tears, he joked, “Aw, why’d you do that?”

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