SJB will join battle to oust this Govt. on August 9 - MP Sarath Fonseka

A country’s law should be to protect the rights of its people and the Emergency law should be for that purpose, said Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) MP Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka. However, he said that the imposition of the Emergency law by this Government is in total contradiction of the above purpose.

“We see the imposition of the Emergency law as a means to suppress the voice of the people and protect the rulers,” he said.

Speaking during the Emergency debate in Parliament yesterday, Field Marshal Fonseka said that he and his party will join in the final battle to remove corrupt rulers from power on August 9.

“If the current President thinks he can suppress any uprising the way they did in 1988/89, he is mistaken. The world and the protesters are much more developed now. Furthermore, the President should know that more than 95% of the Security Forces and the Police are with the protesting masses. The Security Forces and the Police should not carry out the orders to attack the protesting youth. Don’t forget that your sons, daughters and family members are among them,” he said.

He noted that it is evident that the rulers are attempting to suppress the masses, adding that it is wrong to brand those who come onto the streets as a result of the difficulties they have to face, as rioters.

“One has to understand that collateral damage is unavoidable during an uprising. It should also be understood that the youth who took over state-owned buildings did so on behalf of the people. They wanted to give people something more. Therefore, one should not shout about damaging state-owned buildings,” he also said.

He also urged the Security Forces not to tarnish the image they earned when they fought against the terrorists.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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