Six more Kandakadu inmates arrested Four officers remanded over death

Six inmates who went missing while during the recent tense situation at the Welikanda Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre were arrested in a search operation at Bakamuna yesterday.

Bakamuna Police said the inmates were arrested in a joint raid by the police officers and the army.

After the inmates were produced before the Higurakgoda Magistrate’s Court, they were sent to the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Centre.

Meanwhile the four suspects arrested in connection with the suspicious death of a person undergoing residential rehabilitation at the Kandakadu Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre in Welikanda have been remanded until July 14.

The Polonnaruwa Magistrate remanded the four suspects including two Sri Lanka Air Force Sergeants and Two Army Sergeants when they were presented to the Polonnaruwa Magistrate’s Court.

On the night of June 28, a tense situation arose at the Kandakadu Rehabilitation Center after the suspicious death of an inmate.

During a clash between the inmates and security personnel, 886 inmates out of the 998 people at the center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts had escaped.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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