Sarah Michelle Gellar Trades Vampires for Werewolves as She Joins Expanding Teen Wolf Universe

The “Teen Wolf” universe might be getting a new chapter in the upcoming movie, but don’t expect the story to end there. In one of the biggest Thursday surprises at San Diego Comic-Con, Sarah Michelle Gellar announced she was joining the franchise.

While the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum won’t be part of the movie, fans can perhaps be even more excited that she’s signed on to star in an executive produce the next TV series for the franchise, “Wolf Pack.”

SMG dropped in on a stunned audience at the end of the “Teen Wolf” panel on Thursday to drop the announcement that she was returning to the supernatural realm as an arson investigator brought in to take down a teen arsonist.

The problem is that the fire may have awakened a much bigger and much nastier supernatural terror and Los Angeles is — well, it’s just too tempting to ignore. It is, after all, just sitting there and filled with all those people!

While the new series is firmly set in the “Teen Wolf” universe, it is also based on a four-book series by author Edo Van Belkom.

Published between 2004 and 2008, the series follows a ranger and his wife who take in what they believe is a litter of four wolf cubs before discovering they’re more than just wolves. The bulk of the series takes place after the cubs grow up into teenagers.

During her appearance, after briefly joking that she’d been required to change her name to Tyler to work in the same universe as “Teen Wolf” stars Tyler Posey and Tyler Hoechlin, SMG said that she hoped that both men would come join her show. It was revealed she had just started filming.

Gellar joins previously cast series leads Armani Jackson (Everett) and Bella Shepard (Blake) as the teens at the center of the story, as well as Chloe Rose Robertson as Luna and Tyler Lawrence Gray as Harlan.

“Wolf Pack” is slated to premiere later this year on Parmount+. “Teen Wolf: The Movie” is also eying a 2022 release.

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