Ready to give leadership to new Govt.- Sajith

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa said yesterday that he is ready to give leadership to a new Government and stabilize the country and build the country’s economy. He also requested from all stakeholders to lend him support in re-building the country.

“Since the mandate of the President, the Prime Minister and the SLPP Government is over, we are ready to form a new Government” the Leader of the Opposition said, making a special statement in Colombo yesterday (11).

Premadasa further said that the Rajapaksa regime has “destroyed the country’’ and he was ready to lead efforts to put the country back on track both socially and economically.

The Leader of the Opposition also said that if anyone is making conspiracies in Parliament against this, it is an act of treason. Premadasa urged everyone to support him in the task of re-building the country.

“There is no other option. We are ready to save our country and give leadership to rebuild our country. We also appreciate the efforts by the people’s struggle which led to the ouster of the Rajapaksa regime,” Premadasa also said.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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