Racketeer arrested with bowser load of fuel in Kilinochchi

The Kilinochchi police yesterday arrested a person who was engaged in collecting fuel and selling it at higher prices with 6,425 litres which is equal to a bowser of fuel. The police found 6,400 litres of diesel stored in 35 barrels. In addition, 200 litres of petrol and 25 litres of kerosene were also found. 

The Kilinochchi police state that only 6,200 litres is available at the petrol station in Kilinochchi and that the driver had more than a bowser load of fuel.

This fuel was found from the Karadibokka area. A 26-year-old youth, who is a well-known businessman in the area, has carried out this racket.

The fuel stock was kept in a deserted house about 200 meters away from the suspect’s grocery store. Investigations revealed that a liter of diesel was sold at this place for between 1,000 and 1500 rupees.

Investigations have revealed that he had engaged in the fuel black market racket with the support of the filling station owners in the area.



by dailynews sri lanka

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