Police begin damage assessment of Government properties

Police have begun preliminary investigation and damage assessment regarding the destruction caused to President’s House, Temple Trees and the Prime Minister’s Office  which were occupied by protesters for several days.

Government officials who are working as caretakers of those places have already submitted complaints to the Police that there has been severe damage to those places which are government properties. A senior officer of the Police Headquarters said that the damage assessment will be done accordingly.

The officer also said that the officers of the Crime Scene Laboratory and the Fingerprints Department of the Crime Registry have assisted in these investigations and every sensitive evidence is being filed by the police. The investigating officers are currently collecting the security camera data of those places as well as the videos and photos shared on social media networks in recent days.

The officer also said that the Intelligence Officers had closely observed the vandals of the government properties during those days while staying among the activists and they had videotaped and photographed some suspicious persons with their mobile phones, so that will also be filed for future investigations. The officer also mentioned that the Intelligence Officers have a large amount of information. “We are currently only collecting and filing information. No criminal investigation has been initiated,” the officer said. “After the current political instability subsides, if there is an order or advice to conduct an investigation regarding the damage caused to these places and bringing the suspects to justice, we are currently making preparations for that.”

“Valuable items have also been stolen from these places. The police are also very attentive in that regard,” the officer added.

by dailynews sri lanka

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