Pizza Hut SL launches ‘Hut Cyclist’ initiative

The nation’s most trusted and favoured international restaurant franchise Pizza Hut Sri Lanka, recently launched a powerful new initiative named ‘Hut Cyclist’, in a bid to mitigate the challenges of the fuel crisis in the country while simultaneously enriching the communities in which it operates. The novel ‘Hut Cyclist’ initiative enables any individual with a bicycle to join the Pizza Hut Sri Lanka delivery team to carry out deliveries as paid independent contractors.

All those who join the Pizza Hut delivery force will receive 217 LKR per delivery in addition to the tips they will earn on duty. Riders have the liberty of choosing the hours and outlets they prefer, and are also treated to complimentary meals and drinks from Pizza Hut during their time of service. Additionally, the company also provides each rider with a personal accident cover of one million LKR, to cover any potential accidents during their contract period with Pizza Hut. Each rider will be thoroughly prepped in dispensing exceptional levels of customer service and clad comfortably in the brand’s uniform before being positioned in the field.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. This is our war cry. With the deepening fuel crisis in Sri Lanka, our entire operation, similar to many F & B businesses on the island faced numerous operational challenges. However, as a responsible employer and trusted consumer brand that is close to the hearts of many Sri Lankans, we had no choice but to adapt and forge ahead with our operations as creatively and resiliently as possible, while simultaneously uncovering avenues to support and rebuild our communities during this challenging period. Hut Cyclist was birthed at this intersection of innovation and resilience.

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