Pete Davidson Reveals He Wants to 'Have a Kid,' Talks Difficult Childhood

Practically a kid himself when America was introduced to him on “Saturday Night Live” in 2014, Pete Davidson is now looking ahead to the future.

The 28-year-old comedian sat down with Kevin Hart during the second season of Peacock’s “Hart to Hart” where he discussed his challenging childhood and his hopes for a family of his own.

“My favorite thing ever, which I have yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid,” Davidson told Hart in a teaser clip from the upcoming season. “That’s, like, my dream.”

Pete tried to laugh the dream off as “super corny,” but Kevin shut that down telling him, “it’s the best thing in life.”

“It would be super fun,” Pete said, imagining dressing up the little “dude.” It’s a chapter he said he’s not only excited about but preparing for. Pete said he’s “trying to be as good as a dude and develop and get better, so when that happens, it’s just easier.”

Pete didn’t mention Kim Kardashian at all during this discussion — at least not in the snippet we saw — but their relationship certainly appears to have reached a pretty serious stage and Pete has been seen enjoying family time with her kids.

The comedian recently announced his departure from “SNL” after eight seasons. During his time on the show, he was very open about his struggles with depression and talked openly about his personal life, including his love life.

Well, he talked a lot when he was dating Ariana Grande, but brought it down a whole lot of notches when that fell apart, and later when he and Kim Kardashian slowly started their current relationship.

He opened up his time on the show talking a little bit about his childhood, including the fact that he lost his father on 9/11. “My childhood was not great,” he told Hart. “Dad passed early, single mom, new sister.” But they were supportive of his interest in comedy.

He even credits his tumultuous childhood with his career in comedy after Kevin talks about how he channeled his own challenges into his standup. “If everything was all peachy at home, Kevin, you wouldn’t be here,” Pete said.

“‘If my childhood was fine, I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island and be the happiest guy ever,” the comedian continued. “But that weird s–t that it does to you made me love comedy.”

After leaving “SNL,” Pete has continued his standup work. His next series is “Bupkis,” a semi-autobiographical series slated for Peacock. He appears in the upcoming black comedy “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” out August 5, and will star alongside Kaley Cuoco in the unscheduled rom-com “Meet Cute.”

Pete has also been slowly making more of a presence on Kim’s reality empire “The Kardashians,” getting ready to launch its second season on September 22. He makes his first appearance for the show in the trailer released Monday.

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