Over Rs.172 mn worth Kerala cannabis seized

The Sri Lanka Navy seized a dinghy carrying about 575kg and 600g (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis and held two suspects, during a special operation carried out in seas off Old Casuarina Beach of Karainagar, Jaffna on Tuesday.

The street value of the stock of Kerala cannabis seized is estimated at over Rs. 172 million.

The Navy has been ever alert to prevent drug smuggling and other forms of illegal activities taking place via seas around the island. As an extension of these efforts, this special search operation was launched off Old Casuarina Beach by deploying Inshore Patrol Craft P 157, P 013 and P 018 attached to SLNS Elara in the Northern Naval Command.

The search resulted in the seizure of about 575kg and 600g (wet weight) of Kerala cannabis in 17 packages. The dinghy used for this illegal act and two suspects used in the smuggling bid were also arrested.The suspects held by the Navy were identified as residents of Madagal in Jaffna, aged 42 and 51. The accused together with the stock of Kerala cannabis and the dinghy will be handed over to Kayts Police for further legal proceedings.

by dailynews sri lanka

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