Nations Trust Bank conducts 6th successful Lean Six Sigma Graduation

Nations Trust Bank PLC reaffirmed its commitment to continuous improvement as its Lean Transformation team conducted its successful 6th Lean Six Sigma Graduation in June 2022. The event saw 29 ‘Change Makers’ graduate successfully, having completed Yellow Belt and Kaizen requirements and demonstrating structured problem-solving techniques and tools that created quantitative and qualitative benefit to the bank, to qualify for graduation.

The Bank first introduced the ‘Lean’ way of thinking to create needed value with fewer resources and less waste in 2014. In order to inculcate a culture of continuous experimentation to achieve perfect value with zero waste, the Lean Transformation team was formed. As the lean culture matured in the organisation, Nations Trust Bank upgraded its approach to Lean Six Sigma, in 2018, which allowed promoting structured problem-solving skills, a data driven approach and to reduce variation in the services provided, to drive the service quality to excellence.

Speaking on the milestone, G. Jeremy Godrick, Vice President, Transformation of Nations Trust Bank stated, “Adherence to Lean Six Sigma creates a culture of continuous improvement that resonates with our ethos, as we reinvent banking. We’ve built our very own ‘Idea Portal’ that allows our staff to register innovative ideas and manage projects end-to-end. This not only creates transparency for any staff on project status, but helps incentivise more and more innovations across the ranks.”

To promote continuous improvement among change makers, Nations Trust Bank formed a Lean mentoring pool within departments. These ‘Lean Squads’ and the ‘Special Transformation team’ strive to convert every moment as an opportunity to improve.

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