Making successful Job Promotions in your organizations; The Best way forward

We are doing businesses in a turbulent time due to the crises that have affected the organizations operationally and financially. The economic, social crises and political failures have caused bankruptcy to many companies including many leading companies locally and globally. But those who are optimistic in their view to mobilize, stabilize and get back to normalcy in their businesses in the near future may be planning for expansion and intending to promote their employees for managerial or higher positions in their organizations.


Basically the promotions should provide both qualitative and quantitative benefits to the promoted employees in the organisations.

Fundamentally, promotion is a trigger for engaging and retaining employees.

It provides with opportunities to the promoted employees to learn, earn, improve, grow and develop themselves, people, businesses and organisations.

It provides better pay, rewards and privileges to the successful employees in the organisations. More importantly it provides with “more opportunities” with their enhanced job roles and responsibilities. Promotions also provide enriching learning values and enhance leadership capabilities and skills.Higher designations would definitely provide “better recognition” to the successful employees.

Promotions always boost employees motivation and morale as well as to build loyalty and sense of belongingness among promoted employees.

Ultimately and eventually promotions provide with “greater opportunities and challenges” for both the promoted employees and the organisations to grow beyond measure by “seizing the opportunities” in order to witness growth, revenue, Profits besides realising the companies visions.


As the head of the company and head of the Human Resources department it will be an arduous task when it comes to appointing a suitable person for the managerial position or other job promotions in your organization. In striving to appoint the perfect candidate, most of the times it may be an “uphill battle “for you and the management in arriving at a good decision.

You may wonder how to handle the job promotion aspect in your organization in a ” felicitous manner”, hence, I am penning down my words to benefit you and the organization.

When promoting your employee please do not look in to the criteria of a “Perfect Candidate” for promotion. Instead consider focusing on, “Ideal Candidate” as perfectionism does not exist in this business world.

When promoting your employees, you should think and act “rationally” and avoid being emotional.

Favourism should not take place during the selection procedures. The selection of candidates should be done in an impartial manner and it has to be fair.

Just because your candidates are very good sales representatives not necessarily they should be promoted to the managers positions. Salesmanship is not the only “measuring yardstick for promotions”. Obviously “pay is for performance” but “promotion is for potential”.

Hence, whatever decisions that you make, be bold in your decisions.

You will be the best judge.



You could review your sales and marketing professionals in the following major criteria. They are “Personality, Knowledge, Attitude, Customer Service, Leadership, Time Management, Interpersonal Skills, Performance and Salesmanship and Administration”.

Among the qualities of the employees to be promoted first and foremost they should have a good work ethic. In other words they should be dedicated , determined, disciplined, diligent, dependable, flexible, punctual, obedient, loyal, proactive and follow the directions given by you and the management. They should trust in quality and Standards. They should be dynamic, vibrant, creative and innovative. They should be willing to take up challenges to navigate the businesses to profitable ventures.

In these crises ridden times the ideal candidates should have the ability to foresee change or change with change and manage changes effectively and efficiently to the benefit of their organization. Secondly, they should be able to manage crises as well as nullify its affects in order to protect oneself, the team and organization. They should be able to resolve conflicts that may arise when managing the team and business.

Hence, the ideal candidates have to be proficient in change, crisis and conflict management. They should have the “ability to work and perform under pressure”.

Among the other requirements for the promotion the potential candidate should be a visionary person, able to effectively communicate upwards, downwards, laterally and externally, able to consistently prioritize work and meet deadlines, manages time well and wisely ability, ability to motivate, inspire and persuade others and submit relevant reports on time. They should have positive thinking and positive attitude, work well with the team and consistently putting the team’s best interest ahead of their own and ability to understand, tolerate and help the team members and should have patience, and teach the team mates. Their “attitude” counts lot here.

Their attitude towards work, superiors, colleagues, customers, management and companies is a “vital forte” for promotions. They should accept constructive criticism and work to improve it. They should work harder as well as smarter to get desired results to the company. Most importantly they have to contribute to the “growing growth of the Company” and thereby be a productive employee to the organization. They should manage successes, handle failures and learn from mistakes and focus on their “continuous Professional Education”. They should also continuously develop themselves and possess a “growth mindset” and prove their worthiness for future work and promotions. They should be “solution oriented” and not part of the problem, but rather a “partner in progress and prosperity “and should help to meet the goals and objectives to fulfill or realize the vision and mission of the company.


In my humble opinion successful employees should “develop self mastery” in search of excellence. They should be self motivated, inspired and joyous which are detrimental for the success of both employees and companies. You could consider these as the “ Augmented qualities” of your employees to be promoted. If they possess these qualities they will be able to “radiate happiness and joy” to their team members and lift the spirits of the team members. These aspects also fosters Team work. Furthermore, these qualities can also attract others as well. These aspects energizes your employees. The end result of these aspects would be “boost in employees motivation and morale besides improved performances, sales, business that would enable them and you to meet or exceed the qualitative and quantitative objectives and goals. I am sure that all the aspects outlined above will facilitate your endeavors’ in having an holistic approach for the promotions at your esteemed organizations.“Always people make the differences”. Hence, focus on your people who are your valuable assets and reward them accordingly.


Finally, the entire activity has to be cost efficient and you should be able to provide successful career pathways to the successful employees in your organizations.

The promotions given to your employees should reflect in the “bottom line” in your businesses in the Medium and, or long term.

Do not wait for the opportunities to recommence or develop your businesses. It is something like waiting for the waves to seize to swim or go on fishing. Should there be no opportunities, create one. When there are opportunities there will be always challenges.

Hence, equip yourself to meet the “challenges and opportunities” to navigate your business in 2022 and beyond. Keep on working to make your vision to reality. Keep sailing!

(The writer is a Professional Pharma Marketer, trainer and Specialist in Professional Communication and Group Communication and an Inspirational Business Consultant. He has functioned as the facilitator of the “Cardiac Symposiums” involving the Eminent Cardiologists, Physicians and General Practitioners that we reorganized by the Company in the past. He was the former Treasurer, Editor and Assistant Secretary of the Pharma Promoters Association (PPA), Sri Lanka).


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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