Kathy Hilton Addresses Rumored Feud With Kyle Richards

Kathy Hilton knows that while sisters may fight, their bond is forever.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Hilton set the record straight on reports of a rumored feud with her sister Kyle Richards. The sisters apparently experienced high tension during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” cast trip to Aspen, and the 63-year-old allegedly had a meltdown where she said a few insensitive remarks including ones directed towards her 53-year-old sister.

Despite the rumors, Hilton says that the two are currently standing on “great” terms.

“You know, I had said some things out of frustration that I was feeling personally,” she explained, adding she had been exhausted and hungry at the time of her alleged remarks.

Although Hilton admitted her comments were “some things that I should not have said,” they have since worked through any animosity.

The Bravo show’s season 12 midseason trailer teased drama between the two sisters with castmate Lisa Rinna stepping in to mediate after its escalation.

“I just want to know where that hatred comes from,” Rinna said while Kyle appeared to be distraught, then Hilton responded, “You can be very unkind too.”

Kathy also revealed what she had thought of Rinna’s involvement saying that she believed the 59-year-old had good intentions.

“I think that she cares a lot about Kyle, and I think that she cares about me, and I think that she just wanted to help out,” Hilton shared. “… Hopefully everybody has good intentions and it works itself out. But I did apologize to Kyle. Sisters do go through things.”

She added, “I learned.”

Later in the interview, Kathy also cleared up rumors that she had been experiencing a troubled dynamic with her other sister Kim Richards.

“That is a rumor I would like to clear up — Kim and I have never had a problem,” she said. “I mean, like all sisters, we’ve had a little something here or there … but we get along very, very well.”

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