JoJo Siwa Shares Hilarious TikTok of Dance Moms Reunion with Abby Lee Miller

JoJo Siwa shared an epic reunion with her “Dance Moms” coach Abby Lee Miller — and it was absolutely hilarious.

On Thursday night, the 19-year-old superstar posted a TikTok of herself and Miller, 56, reuniting at the Season 3 premiere of “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” which took place on Wednesday in Burbank, California.

The clip began with JoJo showing off her sparkly outfit for the event as she filmed herself in the mirror. She added text over the video that read, “Me all ready for a calm night at the premiere of HSMTMTS….”

The TikTok then cut to another clip that featured the words “Plot twist.” The video showed JoJo filming herself at the premiere before she then turned the camera to reveal Miller behind her. The 56-year-old reality star flashed a smile and she posed for the camera.

However, the best part of the video was the sound. JoJo used the infamous audio of Miller from “Dance Moms” in which she says: “Now I want to sit back and relax and enjoy my evening, when all of a sudden, I hear this agitating, grating voice.”

JoJo wrote in the caption, “Gotta love her though @aldctherealabbylee.” She later added a comment in which she asked, “Do we think abby is gonna be mad at this bahahahhaa,” JoJo wrote in a comment.

When TikToker Chris Olsen asked JoJo in a comment if Miller was aware she used the audio of her, JoJo hilariously admitted, “No🤣🤪.”

As a child, JoJo was a contestant on the 2013 Lifetime reality series, “Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition,” and went on to star in Seasons 5 and 6 of “Dance Moms” in 2015 through 2016.

This comes just a few days after the YouTube star shared that she has a “bald spot” on her head due to a “stress rash” from her time on “Dance Moms.”

The Nickelodeon alum posted a TikTok in which she revealed a spot near her ear with sparsely growing hair. JoJo added text over the video that read, “When someone notices my bald spot and wonders what it’s from…”

The video, which was set to “Carrying Your Love” by David Morris, continued with flashes of photos of JoJo on “Dance Moms.”

The “JoJo Does” star captioned the video, “Stress rash on my head when I was on Dance moms lead to no more hair there.”

Meanwhile, after a fan commented on the short clip thinking the bald spot was a result of JoJo’s signature tight ponytails,” the “Dancing with the Stars” alum addressed the misconception in a follow-up video.

“I figured I would just explain this. So no, it’s actually not from the ponytails,” JoJo said. She then pointed out the side on her head where she often wore her ponytail, explaining that the hair that was supposed to be on her bald spot “didn’t really get pulled at all.”

Rubbing the area, JoJo said, “When I was little, I had a really bad stress rash right here on Dance Moms. I would pick at it all day long, and I damaged every single hair follicle that has ever been right there.”

“So now I’m carrying her love with me. Right there,” she concluded, pointing to her head as she referenced her “Carrying Your Love” TikTok.

JoJo captioned the explanation, “Stress rash squadddddd babbyyyy.”

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