Jane Fonda Shares What Her Sex Life Consists of At Age 84

Jane Fonda is reflecting on how her approach to intimacy has changed throughout the years.

While appearing on Andy Cohen’s SiriusXM radio show, “Andy Cohen Live,” the actress shared what her sex life consists of at 84, and why it “got better” with age.

When asked how she would “characterize” her current sex life,” Fonda didn’t go into detail, simply calling it “private” and “solo.”

However, the “Grace & Frankie” star offered several thoughts in response to Cohen’s follow-up question, which she described as “a wonderful question to think about.”

“Do you think that people, as they live through life become better at sex or they lean into bad habits?” Cohen, 54, asked to which Fonda said she believes her sex life improved as she got older.

“I think I got better,” she said. “Women, I think tend to get better because they lose their fear of saying what they need. You know, we go through, we waste way too much time not wanting to say, ‘Wait a minute, hold, hold it, hold it. No, no, no. Slow down. And a little to the left.’ You know, we don’t wanna do that.”

She added, “But when we get older, it’s like, ‘No, I know what I want. Give me what I want.”

Fonda — who’s been married and divorced three times — has shared her thoughts on intimacy in recent years, including speaking out about her sex life, or lack thereof.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in March 2021, the activist admitted that, at the time, she’d only be interested in sex if it was with a younger man.

“I’ve kind of come to terms with that,” Fonda told the magazine. “I don’t want to be in a relationship, a sexual relationship, again. I don’t have that desire.”

“Do I fantasize? Yes, here’s my fantasy,” she continued. “That I meet a professor or a researcher, somebody in that line who is really capable of loving, of cherishing a woman, so that I could test myself and see if I could show up. I think maybe now I could, but the problem is that, like a man, I would want a younger man.”

“Isn’t that awful? It’s a thing about skin. I would want a younger man, and I’m too vain.”

Meanwhile, while appearing on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in October 2020, the two-time Oscar winner revealed she was “too busy” for sex at the time.

“I need to know because you look so good, are you still having sex? Are you having, like, crazy sex?” guest host Tiffany Haddish asked Fonda, who gave a thumbs down and replied, “No, no, zero.”

“I don’t have time. I’m old and I’ve had so much of it,” she continued. “I don’t need it right now because I’m too busy!”

“My favorite ex-husband Ted Turner, he always said, if you wait too long it grows over,” Fonda added, before quipping, “I think he’s right.”

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