‘I am a friend of the people, but forced occupation of offices is illegal’ – President

COLOMBO (News 1st); President Ranil Wickremesinghe said that forcibly occupying the President’s Office, and the Prime Minister’s Office is illegal, and legal action will be taken against people who engage in such illegal acts. 
“The Aragalaya was against the system. We must allow those who engage in peaceful dissent to do so. We can also respond to them,” he said on Wednesday (20) evening. However, an Aragalaya should not be used to topple governments, torch houses, or occupy important offices. 
‘That is not democracy, those are illegal acts,” said the President. Speaking further the President said he is also looking at the opportunity to strengthen his party, the United National Party. “How am I an old friend of the Rajapaksa’s? I’ve been opposing them all this time,” the President responded to a question after he exited the Gangarama Temple in Colombo. 
 He said he will give the change the people want, and stressed that is a friend of the people. “I worked earlier with Mrs. Kumaratunge. She belonged to one party , and I belonged to another. 
For me to work with a President from another party does not mean I am his friend. It means that I am also looking at the opportunity at strengthening my party,” the President said.

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