Horrific! Drug addict kills friend; Added ‘sulfas’ to food, kept watching while he died

Dehradun: In a heinous incident from Uttarakhand’s Khatima, a drug addict friend shattered humanity by mercilessly killing his own friend. The accused put sulfas in his friend’s food so he couldn’t escape and no one could help him. The killer sat in the room all night, watching his friend die. After about two and a half months, the police made this claim while forensic methods revealed the gruesome murder.

According to the information received, Piyush and Abhishek Singh, both Khatima residents, were friends for about three years due to intoxication. Both were addicted to drug injections and smack.

It has been reported that Abhishek’s mother saw both of them while intoxicated about six months ago. At that time, Abhishek fled, but Piyush was apprehended by Abhishek’s mother and beaten up. She also warned him to stay away from Abhishek.

Piyush had abused Abhishek in relation to his mother on this occasion, which pricked Abhishek. He intended to take revenge on Piyush as a result of this.

On May 1, 2022, Abhishek arrived at Piyush’s rented room in Chhatarpur and mixed sulfas brought from home into Piyush’s pulse. He kept watching Piyush die in agony as his condition deteriorated after eating lentils.

According to SSP Manjunath TC, Abhishek stated during interrogation that he could have escaped after poisoning Piyush, but he did not so that no one would help his dying friend. To make sure he died, Abhishek stayed overnight in the room.

During the interrogation, Abhishek stated that he once changed his mind about feeding sulfas to Piyush on the day of the incident, but Piyush still abused his mother. This sparked an argument between the two. He then mixed sulfas into Piyush’s pulse as soon as he had the opportunity, and Piyush died as a result.

The SSP had announced a Rs 2500 reward for the police team who uncovered the murder. The team included Pantnagar police station commander Rajendra Singh Dangi, SIDCUL outpost commander Pankaj Kumar, and other police officers.

CO City Abhay Singh said that after inspecting the spot after Piyush’s death on May 2, intoxicating injections of Avil were found in the room and rice and pulses were found in Piyush’s plate, which were then sent by the team to FSL Dehradun for investigation. Where the presence of sulfas in pulses was confirmed. Only then did the police reach the killer.

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