Haryana to Harvard: 12-yr-old Kartik climbs success mountain with ‘damaged phone’

New Delhi: Often we hear stories of young people doing wonders. In a similar case, a teenage boy from Haryana’s village made his way to Harvard University in America while also managing to register himself in Guinness Book of World Record.

Kartik Jakhad who is mere 12 years old, has developed three learning applications on his own. For builiding the apps, the boy had taken no coaching classes or assistance. He learnt the ciding on his father’s phone who is a farmer in — Jhajjar — village.

However, it is even surprsing to know that Karthik used a phone with damaged screen. The issues did not end there as Katik’s house had no facilities and comfortable environment to study.

The village where he reside also have huge issue of constant power cut.

As the classes moved online due to the Coronavirus, Kartik’s father bought him a phone costed Rs 8-10 thousand. That phone had many issues as it used to hang often during coding process. But the young boy managed to use it for studies and self training from YouTube.

First app that the young boy made was related to General Knowledge called Lucent G.K. online. Second app was Ram Kartik Learning Centre that teaches Coding and Graphic Designing. The thord app that Kartik made was Shri Ram Kartik Digital Education.

Currently, the three apps combinedly offering free training to nearly 45 thousand students.

Kartik has been awarded with so many prestigious accolades at the age of 12 years. Kartik won scholarship after qualifying the entrance exam of Harvard University. He is studying B.Sc in Computer Science the varsity.

The boy who got picked up by the Harvard University wishes to serve the nation. Kartik said he want to serve the country even though he is studying abroad.

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