Good News!! Delhi-Mumbai electric highway coming soon

Electric Expressway: Air pollution has become a major problem of modern times in many countries including India. The Government of India is preparing to build a new expressway between Delhi and Mumbai. This expressway to be built between the two cities will be electric.

Union Minister Nitin Gadkari gave this information at a gathering of Hydraulic Owners Trailer Association (HTOA).

Gadkari said that trolley buses and large vehicles will be given permits to operate trolley trucks on this e-highway.

During this meeting, Gadkari said, “We plan to build an electric highway between Delhi and Mumbai. Trolley trucks can also be run like trolley buses.”

Trolleybus is an electric bus which is operated by overhead electric wires.

What is Electric Highway?

An electric highway is a road that supplies power to the vehicles plying on this road through overhead electric wires. That is, the vehicles running on it can be charged by the wires passing over it.


Recently, Nitin Gadkari had said that the Ministry of Transport and Highways has sent notices to two electric scooter manufacturers and these notices have been sent because there have been cases of fire in the scooters of these companies.

A notice has been sent to the CEO and MD of these companies on behalf of the ministry and the reason has been asked. The ministry had issued show cause notices to these companies asking why action should not be taken against them as incidents of fire due to faulty batteries in scooters have come to the fore.

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