Girl dies when car crashes into house in Moragahahena

A freak accident killed a seven year old girl who was riding her bicycle inside her home garden in Moragahahena when a speeding car crashed through her closed garden gate and knocked her down. The police say that the gate was also closed while the girl was riding the bicycle in the yard in front of her two-storeyed house.

The police say that the accident took place when the car which came at a high speed from a side road with a slight hill, hit the steps of a Buddhist Shrine located in front of the girls house and then had crashed through the closed gate as the driver had lost control.

As soon as the car crashed into the yard, the car had collided with the bicycle the girl was riding and had dragged it across the garden until it hit a wall in the back of the garden. Police say that the seriously injured girl was pronounced dead when her parents and relatives admitted her to Horana Base Hospital.

The police say that the driver who was arrested in connection with the fatal accident has been travelling with the help of two crutches since he had suffered an injury to his leg.

The police said that the two crutches were in the back seat of the car The driver has been arrested and will be produced before the Horana Magistrate.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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