Fuel pass pilot project to continue till Sunday

Technology Ministry Secretary Jayantha De Silva yesterday said the National Fuel Permit Pilot Programme will be implemented today (22) at 5 more selected fuel stations.

He said that based on the public complaints that there are problems in providing the vehicle chassis number while obtaining the fuel permit, the revenue licence number will also be provided instead of the chassis number.

The Ministerial Secretary further said that this pilot programme will be launched at five separately selected fuel stations on a daily basis until July 24.

The start of the pilot project of providing fuel according to the QR code in the National Fuel Permit was launched yesterday (21) at some selected petrol stations.

Although the Power and Energy Ministry said that this pilot project will be launched at 6 filling stations, yesterday morning, the pilot project was implemented in only two filling stations due to lack of fuel at the respective filling stations, a spokesperson of the Fuel Distributor’s Association said.

However, a statement from the Power and Energy Ministry said that the system was successfully implemented in the fuel stations where the pilot program was implemented and the people also commented on it with satisfaction.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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