Five women killed for cash, jewellery this month

An increase in the killing of women who live alone at home and looting of property is currently being reported.

During this month alone five women have been killed and their valuables looted.

These killings are reported from Kandy, Kelaniya, Matale and Kurunegala police divisions.

The fifth such murder was reported on July 20 from the Polgahawela area.

The murder took place in a house located in Damunupola.Polgahawela police said that a 73-year-old woman was killed in this manner.

When her daughter came home that evening, she saw that her mother had been killed and informed the police about it.

Accordingly, during the inspection conducted by the police, it has been found that even her anklets have been removed. It has been found from the police investigation that the two earrings were removed by tearing her ear lobes.

In addition to the gold items, a laptop computer worth around 75,000 rupees and 15,000 rupees in cash were stolen, police said. The police suspect that the murder was committed by a drug addict. Since a similar murder took place in Matale Police Division a few days ago, the police have a suspicion that the same person may have committed the murder.

A 70-year-old mother was also killed in Dambulla Makulugas Wewa area of Matale Police Division and robbed of gold, money and a car. The victim was the mother of an army officer. The police arrested a suspect in connection with the murder and found the car.

A woman was killed and money, gold and property stolen from a house in Delgoda Kanduboda in Meeghawatta, Kelaniya police division. A forty-two-year-old development officer was killed in the incident.

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