EXCLUSIVE: Salman Khan to get a licensed revolver or pistol, post death threat

Mumbai (Indrajeet Singh): Film actor Salman Khan will reportedly get a licensed pistol or revolver, post death threat. Salman Khan had applied for a gun license after he and his father got a death threat in early June. The actor came to the Mumbai Police headquarters, met with top cop Vivek Phansalkar for a gun license, as per reports.

However, an NGO had written a letter to the Mumbai Police objecting to the weapon’s permission. But police sources say that Salman Khan is a big celebrity and if his life is in danger and he wants to license the weapon, then he will have to give it.

The sources also said that, since all the allegations against Salman Khan are not from criminal background, Mumbai Police will give him a license up to Mumbai area and if the actor wants a license of Maharashtra or the whole country then he will have to apply to Maharashtra Home Ministry.

Notably, Salman Khan has applied for a licensed weapon on 27 June. He sent his secretary to the commissioner’s office to submit the application demanding a pistol or revolver.
Now as per reports, the permission will be given and after that whatever pistol or revolver Salman Khan buys, he will have to show it at the Mumbai Police Headquarters.

On July 22, Salman Khan also came to meet the Commissioner of Mumbai Police.
For the unversed, Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan had received a threat letter in early June, just days after Sidhu Moose Wala was shot dead by members of gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, who had threatened the actor in 2018 too.

Lawrence Bishnoi’s death threat to Salman Khan was linked to the black buck poaching case of 1998, in which the actor was one of the accused.

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