Equipment missing from PM’s media unit after invasion

A complaint had been lodged with the Colpetty Police over the theft of equipment from Temple Trees.

According to the Prime Minister’s Media Division, two laptops, a video camera and other camera equipment were stolen from the media section.

After Ranil Wickremesinghe assumed office as the Prime Minister, he did not take up residence at Temple Trees and only his media division was set up in a building at the Temple Trees premises.

The Prime Minister’s Media Division claims that the relevant equipment had been missing after the protesters had entered Temple Trees on July 9.

In their complaint the Media Division had also stated that holes had been dug on the walls of the Temple Trees and locks had been broken while documents had also been destroyed. However, as protesters are still occupying Temple Trees the extent of damage and missing items cannot be properly investigated.

Meanwhile, around ten persons were injured when a clash occurred between two groups at Temple Trees early last morning. The police said that a woman was among those injured and they were admitted to the Colombo National Hospital.


by Daily News Sri Lanka

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