Doja Cat Asks Noah Schapp to Help Her Shoot Shot with Stranger Things Breakout Star Joseph Quinn

If Doja Cat and Joseph Quinn are seen arm-in-arm at any point in the near future, they’ll have Noah Schnapp to thank for it.

The “Stranger Things” star shared an exchange he had with Doja on his TikTok where she was looking for the hookup on Schapp’s “Stranger” co-star in Season 4. Doja has clearly joined the long line of fans who quickly fell for Quinn’s portrayal of Eddie Munson.

“Noah can u tell Joseph to hmu [hit me up],” Doja messaged Schnapp in the shared exchange, before following it up with, “wait no. does he have a gf [girlfriend]?”

Schnapp invited her to just “slide into his dms [direct messages],” but Doja lamented that she doesn’t know his social media handles. “he doesn’t have a dm to slide in,” she wrote.

So Schnapp was a pal and shared Quinn’s Instagram page with a cheeky, “Right here ma’am.” Honestly, it was a quick Google search away, so why was Doja not able to find it? Was she too distracted by Eddie’s charms?

Quinn was new to “Stranger Things” this past season, portraying Eddie Munson, a new friend (and DM) for Dustin and some of the other characters as they settled into life in high school.

As often happens with new characters on this show, Eddie quickly found himself immersed into the hell-on-Earth battle between the teenage forces of good (with an assist from Hopper and some parents) and the otherworldly hellscape that is the Upside Down.

Along the way, he also became a huge fan-favorite and arguably one of the most popular characters in the entire run of the show. Misunderstood and judged for his heavy metal style and for playing Dungeons & Dragons — real scares from the 1980s — Eddie’s outsider status mixed with his sweet persona endeared him to millions.

Including, apparently, one Doja Cat. We’ll be keeping an eye out for this new power couple in the making!

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