DIMO unveils Pela Batta, paddy transplanting machine in Sri Lanka

DIMO recently introduced the first and only paddy transplanting machine in the country capable of maintaining an 8-inch gap between seedling rows, aptly named ‘Pela Batta’. DIMO has always been in the forefront of introducing innovative and affordable agri machinery to the local farming community with the aim of driving mechanization in the agriculture sector of the nation.

The current machinery available for rice transplanting, in the Sri Lankan agriculture sector, possesses the capability of maintaining 11 to 12 inches between rice seedling rows when being planted. In comparison, the Pela Batta can reduce it to an 8-inch gap. It also ensures a 5-to-6-inch gap (variable as per requirement) between each individual seedling in a given row. Research has shown that this new machine will lead to an increase in agricultural yield by 20%-30% as a result of the more consistent spacing being maintained between seedlings. Additionally, the number of seedlings planted can also be increased. The traditional process of planting rice seedlings is significantly labour intensive and certain methods do not maintain a level of consistency. The Pela Batta addresses both these concerns and delivers economic benefits, as a result. It can plant an area covering 3 to 3.5 acres per day, effectively increasing the efficiency of the planting process in rice cultivation. Furthermore, the consistent space maintained between the rice plants will make the process of weed and pest control relatively convenient. It must be particularly noted that this machine successfully planted 100 acres of land during this year’s Yala season.

The 4-stroke engine, the simple design and the reduced weight of the Pela Batta machine makes it easily operable by anyone. The overall robustness, ease of maintenance and the low maintenance costs make it highly beneficial for the user.


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