Delhi: CNG dealers to hold strike on August 10

CNG Strike in Delhi: People using CNG vehicles in the national capital Delhi may have to face difficulties. Delhi Petrol Dealers Association has announced a strike on 10th August. Because of this, CNG will not be sold in Delhi on this day. Negotiations have not been held between Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) and Delhi Petrol Dealers Association regarding the reimbursement of electricity duty. Because of this, the Petrol Dealers Association has announced to stop the sale of CNG for a day.

Loss to dealers

Petrol dealers say that they had asked IGL to compensate for the actual reimbursement payment. But IGL has not paid it. Due to this the dealers have been suffering. Therefore, they have decided to stop the sale of CNG at the pumps under the association from 6 am to 10 pm on August 10.

In a meeting with IGL on March 2, 2022, the dealers were assured that the issue would be resolved within a month. But till now the matter is pending. Angered by this, the Dealers Association has now announced to stop selling CNG at all pumps on August 10.

‘No CNG Sale’ day

The Dealers Association says that IGL is not reimbursing the electricity charges used while filling CNG in vehicles. Delhi Petrol Dealers Association has demanded that from August 2019, the outstanding electricity charges should be paid at the fixed rate. Also, they should be changed every three months. Due to non-fulfilment of their demands, the Dealers Association has declared August 10 as ‘No CNG Sale’ day. Common people may have to face problems due to this strike.

Today the rate of CNG in the capital Delhi is Rs 75.61 per kg. On 21 May 2022, the price of CNG gas in Delhi-NCR was increased by Rs 2 per kg. Since then the prices have remained stable till now.

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