Dana Carvey Previews Biden-Trump Debate with Live Impressions of Both Candidates on Kimmel

Donald Trump hasn’t announced if he intends to try and reclaim the presidency in the 2024 election, but were he to do so, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” guest-host Dana Carvey has an idea what that might look and sound like.

The “Saturday Night Live” legend and master impressionist made a name for himself with his George H.W. Bush impression on the show (among many others) and then did it again with a hilarious Ross Perot. One week, he took both to the next level.

In a stunning dual performance, Carvey portrayed both Bush and Perot in the same sketch during a presidential debate. But as it turns out, one of those performances was pre-taped. That means his feat on Tuesday night’s “Kimmel” was even more impressive.

That’s because Carvey tackled both Trump and President Joe Biden impressions live, with slow camera cuts revealing him fighting with his Trump wig and racing from one podium to the next. All while Guillermo played moderator.

As impressive as the physical feat was, it was far more impressive how well Carvey spoofed both men. While his monologue made it pretty clear that he’s more liberal leaning, he did not let either man off lightly. In fact, both came across as doddering old buffoons who couldn’t string a coherent thought together if all of our lives depended on it.

Of course, that’s kind of the point. Both men have a tendency to ramble and reminisce and use a whole lot of words to say very little.

Carvey’s Trump opened the hilarious segment excitedly using all of these words to say nothing at all — and it sounds a lot like the real deal: “Let me tell you, this is gonna be great. It’s gonna be so great. We’re gonna say a lot of things, let me tell you that, so many things like you can’t believe. We’re gonna say many, many things.”

Later, when asked what would be different in a second term, Carvey’s Biden said the same amount of nothing, but with that cloying folksy down-home approach he uses: “Come on number one, the one part, you know the deal. Number two is in fact the second part. This isn’t rocket science, come on.”

If Trump and Biden do become the candidates again in 2024, we need Carvey to come on “SNL” and make this sketch happen for real! It also makes us wonder why nobody ever gave this guy a talk show?

In the monologue portion, he slipped into his classic Johnny Carson impression to offer some tame zingers at the former president, bantered with the crowd and offered up his take on Dr. Fauci. It’s not just the brilliance of his impressions, but how funny he is while immersed in those characters.

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