Black Caps vacate Galle Face

The Black Cap Movement which had been active in Galle Face from its beginning yesterday decided to vacate the protest site as it has succeeded in ousting an Executive  President through the ‘Gota Go Home’ campaign. The Movement has planned to bring this struggle to new phase as “Argalaya 4.0” to fulfill the unfulfilled demands that were drafted alongside ‘Gota Go Home’ campaign.

“We believe that there is no reason for us to continue occupying the Galle Face protest site now that its primary objective has been fulfilled. As such the protest has expanded into a broader socio-political space and as such we hereby conclude our contribution to the Galle Face protest with effect from today,” the Movement said.

Excerpts from the release :Our protest hereby aims at bringing about these reforms and we look forward to join hands with civil society and political movements to achieve this objective. We hereby name this phase as ‘Aragalaya 4.0’, a press release issued by the movement said

The Black Cap Movement initiated the candlelight vigil held on March 1, 2022 at the Kohuwala Junction in response to an inefficient regime headed by Sri Lanka’s Seventh Executive President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.

Since we observed that the socio-economic crisis was transforming into a political crisis, we aimed at spearheading a non-violent people’s protest based on the #GotaGoHome social

media campaign. As such a series of peaceful micro protests commenced from Kohuwala and expanded to other parts of Colombo and the suburbs.

As people continued to be burdened by the prevailing crises the #GotaGoHome slogan was made a reality through the micro protests that took place across the country.

This non-violent protest model then succeeded in attracting women in the middle class segments through the series of protests titled ‘Kitchen Lament’ that kicked off after May 9.

The April 9 protest at the Galle Face Green proved to the world how people could achieve their demands through a non-violent protest. Our generation has symbolically succeeded in ousting an Executive President through the ‘Gota Go Home’ campaign. As such the ‘Gota Go Home’ slogan has become a reality.



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