Big Brother Blowout: Turner Takes Stand Against Bullying, But Can He Pull Off Epic Blindside

Even he was shocked that it was he, as the youngest person in the House, who was having to give a lecture on how to behave like decent human beings. But it was beautifully handled.

After some of the most disgusting and brutal bullying we’ve ever seen on “Big Brother” played out in Wednesday’s episode, Head of Household Turner drew a line in the sand when it came to inappropriate behavior.

And while it may not have related specifically to what went down at the Veto Meeting, it was tangentially related enough. On top of that, he was effectively putting people on notice — ironically, the two worst offenders being the second- and third-oldest Houseguests.

Clearly nervous as he began his speech, Turner powered through chastising a room full of adults for bullying and saying terrible things about other Houseguests, though he was most specifically talking about how Taylor has been bullied since Day One, culminating in Nicole and Daniel flying off the handle over a misunderstanding of her kindness.

It was all too much to handle for us as viewers, and too often on “Big Brother” this type of bullying behavior has not been publicly addressed or even punished. In some seasons, Houseguests bully their way right to the end.

This season, The Leftovers appear to be saying that this will not stand. And we are here for it.

After his guy Pooch was booted by the women in the House, led by Ameerah, Turner wanted to get his revenge for his boy. He also wanted to break what he saw as a power alliance in the women — and especially when he started seeing bullying behavior emerging from those quarters.

Monte seemed to be struggling more and more with how Taylor was being treated after he actually bothered to take the time to get to know her and start to understand why she is the way she is. It’s amazing how that can humanize someone you’ve dehumanized in absentia.

But it was Kyle who orchestrated the brilliant plan to backdoor Ameerah (and Terrance) once Michael and Brittany won the Power of Veto and inevitably would save themselves. The House thought Taylor (and Nicole) would be the obvious choice so they could bully Taylor right out the door.

We loved watching a group of outsiders form up — we scream each season to these players — and not only decide to make a big move, but rightly target the mastermind of the other side of the House.

In many past seasons, HOH’s balk when the moment comes, afraid of the repercussions of making a big move. It makes for disappointing television. Well, Turner did not come to disappoint.

Not only did he put Ameerah (and Terrance) on the Block. He then delivered his impassioned and emotional anti-bullying speech, chastising all these people older than him who apparently need a lesson in basic human decency from a 23 year old.

Half the House was shellshocked by the nomination. The other half was pretending to be shellshocked. Their plan was to not give Ameerah any time to scramble by making her think that the House is just going to get rid of Terrance. That would make it a dud of a week for Turner as Terrance is no threat.

But if all went according to the Leftovers’ plan, this week would be no dud, but an explosion so massive that it would literally flip the House upside down. And that’s exactly what happened. Jaws dropped as The Leftovers sent Ameerah packing.

Daniel threw a sympathy vote Terrance’s way, which ironically (well, not so much as producers set it up this way and hoped) became the vote that sealed her fate. In a 7-4 vote, Ameerah was sent out the door.

Despite threatening to possibly blow up the House in her exit speech, Ameerah instead opted to whisper something into Turner’s Festie Bestie Jasmine’s ear. We’ve no idea what she said, but it had some meat on it.

We also found out what happens when someone loses their Festie Bestie. They simply get to join another pair of Festie Besties, so Terrance aligned with the boys, Joseph and Monte, making our first Festie Bestie Trio.

This means if one of them wins HOH, they’re all safe. If they’re picked to play in the Veto, all three play. And if they’re nominated for eviction, all three of them sit on the Block. Still only one would be eliminated. It certainly adds to the already complex layers this twist has put on the young season.

The night ended with the start of a new Head of Household competition that saw them ripping open envelopes. The first eight to get a red invitation move on to the actual HOH competition, but we’ll have to wait until Sunday to see who all will compete and who will win.

And this is a big one. The House was stunned after that vote, and it will be up to The Leftovers to decide to keep playing dumb to the rest of the House, who will be scrambling to figure it out, or come out and own their big move.

Honestly, their best bet would be to keep the House guessing as that will make it harder for anything to start to unite against him. If one of them can rise to power, they can get out their next big target (probably Nicole). But if someone outside of it gets HOH, it’ll be an interesting week indeed!

Kyle Caapener (29) concocted a brilliant plan and then saw it executed. He did a great job of playing stupid when pressed in the House. Honestly, his goofy demeanor is turning out to be a great shield as it’s got people underestimating him a lot. Plus, Alyssa being so into him keeps her (and her intel) in his pocket. Grade: A [Bestie: Daniel]

Joseph Abdin (24) was another who acted his butt off pretending he had no idea where these nominations came from. With every moment, we are getting more and more impressed with his grasp of the game and his ability to see what’s going on. Ameerah thought she could see, but hers was based more on paranoia of a guys alliance. Joseph is getting far more accurate reads on the game, which is impressive. Grade: A [Besties: Monte & Terrance]

Michael Bruner (28) is proving a great team player, and we’re still blown away that this Veto King is not on anyone’s radar as a target. Instead, he’s an integral part of the new power aliiance. His game has been extremely impressive as he’s this powerhouse competitor and under the radar at the same time. Incredible. Grade: A- [Bestie: Brittany]

Monte Taylor (27) has a lot of compassion and decency in him. He also gave a stellar acting performance to Ameerah and everyone else over the nominations. Everyone is so convinced that he’s this stand-up decent guy, because he is. But them believing in him means they’ll open up to him. He’s in a great position right now. Grade: A- [Besties: Joseph & Terrance]

Brittany Hoopes (32) has been coming through in this new alliance. She played her role perfectly in the House and she made the vote she needed to make. She’s also doing a great job of gathering intel from all over the House because no one believes she’s into anything deeper or more devious than whatever they’re doing (or not doing) with her. Grade: B [Bestie: Michael]

Matt “Turner” Turner (23) did two incredibly brave things tonight and we applaud him. He put a big target on the Block, spilling all the blood he needed to make a big move. He also stood up for what’s right and against cruelty and bullying. Turner is a good dude and we’re happy to see that he’s both a fearless player and a decent human being. He’d rank higher, but a lot of people in the House are blaming him solely right now, so if the wrong people get in power, he could be a huge target. Grade: B [Bestie: Jasmine]

Taylor Hale (27) finds herself suddenly in a good spot in the game overall. She’s still not in a great spot with Nicole and Daniel and Jasmine and Alyssa and some of the others who’ve decided they don’t like her in the House. She’s probably got the support to stay right now, but she could still get targeted or harassed if any of them rise to power. Grade: B- [Bestie: Nicole]

Terrance Higgins (47) came into some very interesting information because Nicole got a little too cocky and assumed he was leaving. He now knows she’s a cop, and by extension might assume that she’s a potentially good liar and could be lying about other things. He’s also started developing a relationship with Turner and a few others in the Leftovers. Will his new Festie Besties pull him in to The Leftovers or leaving him floating? Grade: C+ [Besties: Joseph & Monte]

Jasmine Davis (29) finds herself on the wrong side of the numbers at this point, and her continuing mad-on for Taylor may suddenly find itself more of a hindrance to her game than a benefit. For her, it all depends on who comes to power. The House still likes her, and we don’t think anyone is targeting her right now, but she’s going to have to keep laying on that Southern Charm. Grade: C+ [Bestie: Turner]

Alyssa Snider (24) is shocked and we’ll have to wait to see how this impacts things with her and Kyle (she’s more into him than he is into her). She’s played her game almost exclusively with the Girls’ Girls, so with the tides shifting away from them having any real power, she’s going to have to diversify. Will she? Can she? Grade: C [Bestie: Indy]

Indy Santos (31) is another GIrls’ Girl who hasn’t done much outside of that casual alliance strategically. She’s just kind of floating through the game, which is good enough for now. But if no one has loyalty to you and you have loyalty to no one, who has your back? Grade: C [Bestie: Alyssa]

Daniel Durston (35) was clearly who Turner was talking about with his anti-bullying speech, but we saw no apologies. In fact, he appeared to be nodding along. Is there any remorse? Probably not, as the mad-on for Taylor appears poised to continue. At this stage, though, it’s becoming not a good look. If he and his don’t rise to power, his behavior could seriously hurt his game. Grade: C- [Bestie: Kyle]

Nicole Layog (41) is proving extremely emotional, short-tempered, quick to judge and ultimately very nasty when she feels she’s been slighted. She took Taylor’s attempt at compassion and kindness and sicced herself and Daniel on him. She told Joseph tonight he needs to step up his game when he knows what’s going on and she doesn’t. She’s a little too arrogant and unpleasant a personality. She also potentially boned her game by pointlessly telling Terrance she was a cop. Was it just to brag how good she was at keeping that secret? Well, he’s still in the House, so she just gave him leverage over her if he doesn’t bother to spill the beans and create even more problems for her. On top of that, the House has seen her called out for her very public bullying. A zero tolerance policy on bullying could mean her time will be up sooner rather than later. Grade: C- [Bestie: Taylor]

Ameerah Jones (31) was both a great player and a terrible player. She was incredibly smart in this game, great at creating followers and having things go her way. And she was good enough to know she was missing something. But in her arrogance and confidence, she couldn’t see the forest for the trees. She went out and saw The Leftovers chatting, but she and Daniel and Nicole dismissed the possibility that those people could be talking game. She even called them “leftovers.” Dismissing and underestimating people in her hubris proved her downfall. Grade: C- [Bestie: Terrance]

“I’m very nervous about what I’m about to do, but it needs to be done.” –Turner (prior to Veto Meeting)”I’m incredibly sorry that I put you guys up on the Block. At the end of the day, we don’t talk game. Simultaneously, I know that this might come as a surprise to a lot of you. There was clearly one target this House has, but I don’t feel like that’s best for my game, and I really don’t want to add to the dogpile I feel like is going on in this House. And I’m sorry about that. Behind closed doors a lot of you say some crazy things about individuals, and I really don’t want to draw a line in the sand saying this, but as the youngest one in this House, I don’t feel like I should be the one to say it’s not okay. But here I am.” –Turner (nominating Ameerah and Terrance)”There’s been a lot of bullying of Taylor in the House. And while I don’t think that I have been perfect, either way it stops today.” –Turner”I knew who was going on the Block, but I didn’t know that Turner would make a point to stand up for what’s right. And I didn’t realize until that moment how much I needed in this House someone to do that for me. I just feel like this is the right crew for me. They’re gonna take care of me, and I’ll take care of them.” –Taylor”I’m disappointed by his speech about bullying and also I’m trying to figure out who the hell in this House he’s aligned with that makes him think he has the balls to put me on the Block.” –Ameerah (about Turner)”I’m not gonna campaign against you. I’d rather you stay.” –Terrance (to Ameerah)”I’m hoping she sees this as just some random group of people and not the people plotting her demise.” –Joseph (about Ameerah walking out on him talking with Taylor, Michael, and Terrance)”It’s actually a weird group. It’s Joseph and Taylor. And besides that, it’s Turner and Terrance and Michael.” –Ameerah (spying on people in the yard and reporting back to Daniel and Nicole)”This is the weirdest group ever.” –Daniel”It is the weirdest, but they weren’t talking game.” –Ameerah”I can’t imagine any of them talking game.” –Daniel”It’s just, that’s who’s leftover.” –Ameerah (she has no idea how right she is)”I’m just trying to understand if we’re missing something, or I’m missing something.” –Ameerah (to Brittany — and yes)”I just was hoping that something was gonna be different, but it’s clear that you’re not gonna be here anymore. So I have something to tell you since you’re leaving: a secret. I was a cop for ten years. So I wanted to tell you before you left because I figured it would be a really important piece of information.” –Nicole (to Terrance — neither know he’s not the target)”You’re gonna be here tomorrow.” –Turner (to Terrance in secret)”This move right here, it’s the f—ing bomb.” –Terrance”I have guys that have already come up to me and said, ‘You’re good, you’re good.’ So if I don’t get the votes, they’re after the girls. And they’re trying to take out the strong girls first when they have a backdoor available.  –Ameerah (to Indy, Jasmine and Brittany)”If the vote gets flipped, should I just blow up the whole thing in my walkout?” –Ameerah (to Nicole)”I don’t care … You can do whatever you need to do.” –Nicole”It’s okay. You guys got me.” –Ameerah (after she’s evicted)”Ameerah. I’ll see you on ‘Amazing Race.'” –Nicole (after eviction)

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