Bengal youths high on Condoms, effect lasts 12 hours

New Delhi: Drug addicts have always found new ways to get high. However, the students from Durgapur, West Bengal have found a bizarre way to get high. They are getting addicted to condoms. They are not using them as contraceptives. Rather, they are soaking it in hot water and drinking that water.

Drinking this water it is claimed that the students are getting a high longing for 10-12 hours. The incident of students using condoms to get high was unveiled when a shopkeeper figured out that demand of flavored condoms was increasing irrationally. The places that witnessed this include Durgapur City Centre, Bidhannagar, Benachiti, and Muchipara, C Zone, A Zone.

Out of curiosity, one of the shopkeepers enquired why the demand of flavored condoms was increasing. The customer revealed that he was purchasing it to get high.

A medical shop owner in Durgapur told News 18, “Earlier three to four packets of condoms were sold per shop per day. And now a pack of condoms is disappearing from a store.”

The long-term soaking of condoms in hot water causes intoxication due to the breakdown of large organic molecules into alcoholic compounds. Condoms contain aromatic compounds. It breaks down to form alcohol. It is addictive.

A large number of products are used to get intoxicated such as cough syrup, aftershave, sniffing glue, paint, and nail polish.

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