Barista teams up with Koko App

16 July, 2022

‘Let There be Coffee’ is the latest initiative launched by Barista emphasising on the magnitude of having a companion by your side to get through these difficult times.

Barista is working on a series of new projects to ensure that the local community should not compromise on coffee at any cost as coffee could be the safest companion at such trying times.  Partnering with the innovative Koko App gives the opportunity to mutual customers of Barista and Koko to pay for any purchase at Barista in three installments. This allows the customers to freely enjoy coffee, food and snacks without a hassle or any unwanted economical pressure, or to celebrate any occasion by splitting the cost into three installements.

Barista Coffee Lanka (Pvt) Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Koko App developers dInnovation (Private) Limited at the Barista Outlet at World Trade Centre recently.

Chief Executive Officer of Barista, Dilupa Pathirana said, “With the current volatile economic and other Macro environmental factors Barista wants our customers to not compromise on their daily coffee. We strongly believe that this option will encourage them to rally around the largest and the most preferred café chain in Sri Lanka, while not having to think twice about what it is costing them.”

Barista has been brewing the finest Lavazza coffee since 2002 in Sri Lanka and even amidst the uncertain time have continued to only serve the finest Lavazza at all outlets.

“Despite the challenges we have not opted for dropping the quality of our coffee or cutting costs. Our customers have been our greatest strength for many years and we do not want to damage the trust that customers have placed in us,” he said.

Koko will be a new payment option at all Barista stores and online platforms facilitating the three installment payment opportunity.

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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