Audrina Patridge Details Alleged Emotionally Abusive Relationship With Ex Corey Bohan

Audrina Patridge looked back at her allegedly emotionally abusive relationship with ex-husband Corey Bohan during a new interview with Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast — sharing what prompted her to finally pull the plug on her “toxic” marriage.

Patridge is promoting her upcoming book, “Choices,” in which she not only reflects on her time on “The Hills,” but also opens up about her relationship with the BMX biker, becoming a mother to their daughter Kirra and, per a press release, how she “regained her voice after years in a series of unfulfilling and even toxic relationships.”

Patridge and Bohan began dating in 2008, with Audrina telling Cooper that, at first, she liked how he “was very healthy and all about his career. He had a whole different vibe about him than these L.A. guys.”

She said the two “were never dating solidly, consistently for more than 6 months,” saying it was “this off and on relationship where, it’s not a secret that it was toxic, there’s pictures of me crying all the time in the street.”

Patridge explained that while they were together, she would get inundated with Twitter messages from fans of hers, telling her Corey was “making out” with other women at bars while on tour. She added that when she confronted him about stepping out on her, he’d deny it — and would tell her that her fans “don’t want you to be happy.”

Audrina explained that she gave him the benefit of the doubt, even as messages persisted, telling Cooper she so badly “wanted to be in love” and “was willing to change myself and do whatever to make him happy.”

She then began listing relationship red flags, insinuating it’s how she was treated during their time together.

“If someone doesn’t trust you or they’re constantly wanting you to delete your social media accounts or constantly wanting to go through your text messages or you can’t even go have a girls dinner without being blown up the whole time because you’re being accused of going out to cheat or there might be a guy there that you run into … those are all red flags, run!” she exclaimed.

She also said he thought she was cheating on him with one of her travel show producers — and if she “didn’t call him at a certain time when I was in bed, hell would break loose.” In the book, she writes, “I had grown used to being woken up in the middle of the night by Corey standing over me, yelling and cursing things like, ‘You’re pathetic, you’re a failure, you’re a fake c—” — and told Cooper that the alleged abuse “kept gradually getting worse.”

Patridge eventually got pregnant, the couple got engaged and welcomed daughter Kirra in 2016. They tied the knot in November that same year. Audrina explained that she thought having a child together and getting married would help, but it didn’t.

“He was so excited to be a dad and just for this new chapter in our lives, but things gradually got worse,” she said, getting a little emotional when asked if she started feeling lonely. “Yes, I’m going to get so teary-eyed … it’s hard to go back.”

“He was an amazing dad, he made her laugh, he played with her, he was very helpful, but he was gone all the time,” she claimed. “He couldn’t just be with her, he had to have all of his friends there and turn it into a drinking fest.”

The relationship hit a breaking point in August 2017, following an incident where Audrina accused Corey of pushing her while she was holding their child during an argument about his alleged cheating.

“It was kind of like that fight or flight mode, I kind of froze and I didn’t know what to do but things kept escalating and when I was pushed back, Kirra started screaming and crying and then I started crying and then he realized what happened and he started crying,” said Audrina. “Everything just spiraled and it got worse and that’s when my family got involved and the police got involved. After going to therapy and trying to make it work, it’s like, you’re not changing, you’re not wanting to change, I can’t do this anymore.”

As for what the fight was about, she said, “I knew that he was [cheating] and at that point, I was so numb, I didn’t care. I got to the point where I was like, ‘I’m glad that you’re cheating, go be with anyone that you want, just don’t touch me. I don’t want to be around you, your energy, everything, it made me want to run.'”

She filed for divorce that September and cited additional incidents of alleged harassment in the divorce docs — including one where she called the police, though Bohan wasn’t charged with anything. She filed for and was granted a temporary restraining order against him at the same time, claiming he showed up to a beauty event demanding to know where their daughter was.

“I knew that that moment I called the police, that’s the end of it. I knew that after what had happened, he wasn’t going to change,” Audrina explained. “Once I had my daughter, I wasn’t living for me anymore, my life now is to protect her and make sure she has the best life. I wanted to keep our life private and it did go everywhere, it’s humiliating.”

The two finally ironed out their custody arrangement in 2021, with the two sharing joint legal custody of Kirra. Per TMZ, Audrina was granted physical custody, while Corey was granted 8 hours of visitation a week.

Audrina told Cooper she “turned to God” and started going to church with Kirra to help herself move on. “I’m healed enough to where I’m open to dating now,” she said. Patridge also said revisiting some traumatic moments from her life for her book was “very therapeutic.”

“It’s almost like I conquered something,” she added. “I don’t cry about it anymore.”

“Choices” Is out July 26.

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