Andy Cohen Reveals He Burned His Hand During WWHL Commercial Break, See What Caused the Injury

Andy Cohen has now officially learned the dangers of hair hot tools.

During Wednesday’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” the late-night host shared that he had burned his hand on a curling iron — and it’s safe to say it really hurt.

Immediately following a commercial break, Andy, 54, welcomed back his viewers and explained his burn injury as he held an ice cube in his left hand.

“Welcome back to ‘Watch What Happens Live,'” he said. I’m Andy Cohen in the clubhouse, where to quote Caroline Stanbury, ‘One could drink too much and make an inappropriate statement,’ or they could grab Caroline Brooks’ — what’s it called? — curling iron with their hands during the commercial break and burn themselves, which is what I just did.”

“Oh boy,” Andy told his guests, “The Real Housewives of Dubai” stars Caroline Brooks and Nina Ali, as he fanned himself with his question cards. “I am in pain. I’m not kidding you.”

“I don’t know how a curling iron works, so I just grabbed it,” he added, to which Nini noted, “Literally, he grabbed the barrel.”

“My questions were there and I grabbed the barrel to get to my questions,” Andy said.

The Bravo star also took to Twitter, simply writing, “That hurt.”

After Andy continued to ice his hand for a bit, later in the show, he shared a message he received from the control room.

“Control room, ice is not good for burns?’ Okay, well then I’ll take it off,” he said, getting rid of the ice cube. “Can someone bring me what is good for burns?”

Meanwhile, after a commercial break later in episode, the SiriusXM host read some tweets from fans regarding his injury, and then shared that he had “dipped it in milk and they give me this burn cream.”

He then showed that two of his fingers had been bandaged, before noting, “I’m like, shaking, which is very weird.”

However, Andy’s injury wasn’t the first unfortunate incident he experienced on Wednesday.

Earlier that day, the father of two took to his Instagram Story to detail a cab ride, in which he not only was in a smelly car, but also got into a fight with the taxi driver.

“You simply cannot believe the smell in this cab,” he wrote over a selfie of himself in the car. “I truly think there is a dead animal in this car. … Ok I am just sharing to pass the time and take my mind off this smell.”

In a follow-up post, Andy shared, “UPDATE: he took me the wrong way and we are in a huge fight. This is not going well.”

See his posts, above.

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