Amber Portwood Claims Her Mental Illness Was 'Used Against' Her After She Loses Custody of Son

Amber Portwood says her mental illness was “used against” her after she lost custody of her 4-year-old son.

On Tuesday, Portwood’s ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon was awarded full physical and legal custody of their son James, per The Sun. Shortly after the news broke, Portwood went live on Instagram.

The 32-year-old MTV personality assured fans that she was staying “positive” despite the disappointing verdict and was working to “fight this.” Portwood claimed that her mental health issues were “used against” her in her fight for custody and argued that she should not be held accountable for her past mistakes as she is taking the time to better herself.

The “Teen Mom OG” star also said James enjoys spending time with her and claimed that he repeatedly tells her “I love you.”

Portwood has been vocal about her bipolar disorder and borderline personality disorder diagnosis. She has also gushed about her relationship with her 13-year-old daughter Leah, whom she shares with her ex-fiance Gary Shirley.

Despite Tuesday’s ruling, Portwood has been given overnight visits with her sons, starting with three days each month. Glennon now has the ability to move James from Indiana to his home in California.

Although the judge advised Glennon to “seek out and consider the mother’s opinion before making any major decisions relating to the child’s medical treatment, education and religion,” they also suggested that he and Portwood do monthly drug tests.

The pair welcomed James back in May 2018 before parting ways a year later in July 2019. Portwood and Glennon called it quits when the former was arrested for an alleged attack involving a machete.

After the arrest, Glennon was granted primary physical custody and shared joint legal custody with Portwood. The “Teen Mom” star pleaded guilty to domestic battery, criminal recklessness committed with a deadly weapon and domestic battery committed in the presence of a child less than 16 years old.

Portwood was sentenced to probation and mandated parenting classes and the former couple began their long custody battle.

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