Adstudio.cloudproudly partners with SLIM for workshops on Programmatic Advertising, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM), will be conducting online workshops on Programmatic Advertising in July 2022 for the first time in Sri Lanka.

Programmatic Advertising is the fully automated data-driven method of buying and selling ad space on a publisher’s website and ad inventories. Using complex algorithms and machine learning, brands have the ability to show the right ad to the right audience in real time. Programmatic Advertising is the future of digital display advertising and has transformed the traditional way brands buy and sell ad space. is a pioneering programmatic advertising company in Sri Lanka, which has successfully leveraged technology to create an ecosystem with data management platforms and artificial intelligence to deliver exceptional results for the ad buyers and allow ad sellers to generate the maximum out of ad space. The company successfully continues to deliver 360-degree solutions in programmatic advertising, online PR publications and SEO support to over 300 websites, generating over one billionimpressions, 240 audience segments in all three languages in the country.

The apex marketing body in Sri Lanka, the Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing (SLIM) is the premier choice for executive education for both in-person and online learning facilitates in conducting the proposed online workshop.Mr. Nuwan Gamage, President of SLIM, and Mr. SanathSenanayake, CEO and Executive Director of SLIM,have ardently joined the programme as they are always keen on making the marketers future-ready with quality professional and academic programmes.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Gamage, President of SLIM, noted: “Discovering and applying new technologies and concepts into everyday operations in the fast-paced world we live in is crucial now more than ever, as there’s a burgeoning necessity to keep up with global trends. SLIM has always been devoted to the knowledge building and career development of Sri Lankan talent, especially in the context of producing flourishing, futuristic marketers, and we believe the partnership between SLIM and is a testament to this promise.”

This programme is an ideal opportunity for participants to learn about Programmatic Advertising, as this is the first time the next-level topic of programmatic advertising has been included as a subject in the curriculum of a professional institute in Sri Lanka. The workshop will benefit participants with guidance on how to get started with programmatic advertising, how to utilize the marketing budget to achieve maximum results, different programmatic advertising platforms and channels, and how to advance their digital marketing career while keep adding value with knowledge on next-level digital advancements.

There are no prerequisites to enroll in the workshop as it is designed for anyone aspiring to gain comprehensive knowledge on programmatic advertising. This course ranges from the very basics to the more advanced aspects of programmatic advertising, and therefore this is ideal for Digital Marketing Professionals who already possess an understanding about programmatic advertising and wish to master the subject; Programmatic Advertisers who are already engaged in programmatic buying and selling without having proper knowledge on the subject;professionals with a traditional marketing background;sales, PR, communication, creative and IT professionals;as well as entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to discover the full potential of programmatic advertising and take their business to the next level.

The programme will be inaugurated by JayomiLokuliyana, Co-Founder andCEO of zMessenger (Pvt) Ltd., Chairperson of DIGITAL X (Pvt) Ltd. – MYMED International (Pvt) Ltd. and Immediate Past Chairperson of Women’s Chamber for Digital Sri Lanka.

Other trainers of the programme are Thilanka Beliketimulla, Head of Revenue at AdStudio.Cloud,who is a passionate marketer specialized in digital marketing and digital advertising and result-oriented with proven success with over a decade of working experience in sales, account management,and corporate communication in the media and advertising industry; and Mohamed Shafeek, Associate Solutions Architect at zMessenger, graduate in BSC Engineering atthe Faculty of Engineering of the University of Ruhuna as well as a nominee for the Manthan Awards – South Asia.

by Daily News Sri Lanka

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