Adani builds ‘Gaurav & Gautham’ bombs, design by DRDO

New Delhi: A long-range glide bomb has been designed for the Indian Air Force (IAF). The bomb has been manufactured by Gautam Adani‘s Adani Defence and Aerospace. The bomb is designed by the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization). The bomb weighs around 1000 kgs and was successfully tested last year. Here is the strength, range and firepower of this bomb.

DRDO has designed the two types of smart bomb which can self-navigate, glide and destroy the enemy targets. The bomb was designed for the Indian Air Force. Following this Adani Defence and Aerospace took the lead in manufacturing the bomb.

The scientists of DRDO designed two types of Long Range Glide Bomb (LRGB). The bombs are named as Gaurav and Gautham. Gaurav is the winged version whereas Gautham is the non-winged version.

Dimensions and strength of the bombs

Both these bombs are precision guided weapons. They are used in anti-aircraft defense to destroy the targets which are out of range. This reduces the chance of collateral damage. Gaurav is a long-range glide bomb with a wing of 1000 kg. Whereas, Gautham is a 550 kg bomb without a wing. The length of both the bombs is 4 meters. The diameter of both the bombs is 0.62 m.

Gaurav Bomb

This is how the bombs work

The Gaurav and Gautham bombs have CL-20 which means having fragmentation and cluster munition. As soon as it establishes a contact with the target it fuses the proximity and explodes.

Range of the bombs

It fuses the proximity as soon as it makes contact with the target. The explosive explodes. Gaurav has a range of 100 kms to glide. Whereas Gautham has to glide 30 km without wing. It can go up to a maximum height of 10 km.

Firepower of the bombs

Both the bombs have an inertial navigation system. They can reach the target with the help of GPS and NavIC Satellite Guidance System. It can be deployed on Sukhoi Su-30 MKI fighter jet.

Gaurav bomb being launched from Sukhoi Su-30 MKI

Tested successfully

In October last year, Gaurav was successfully test fired from a Sukhoi fighter jet in Balasore. Earlier it was successfully tested in 2014. Both currently have an upgraded range of 50 to 150 km.

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