Zion Consulting turns 10

5 June, 2022
The Zion Consulting team

Attracting the right talent, developing and retaining them and inculcating a performance based culture are key for corporates to achieve their goals and objectives, said Zion Consulting CEO Denuka Perera  at a ceremony to mark the 10th anniversary of the company at Kelaniya last week.

Human resource management is a vital cog in business organisations and it plays a major role in the puzzle of business. Its importance will always surface as businesses have to balance between limited resources and employee performance, Perera said.

The company has catered to over 800 clients in training, consultancy and undertaking outsourcing during its decade existence. The scarcity of potential talent in the market, retention of employees amid the rising cost of living and rapid life-style changes and non aligning employee performance with  goals and objectives  are some of the daunting challenges of the HR industry in Sri Lanka today, the consultant and trainer said, adding that businesses need to restructure systems and processes such as lean management, productivity enhancement, training and development and confidence building among employees through regular up-skilling  and reskilling strategies. Organisations need to rethink resource management such as finances and HR to boost quality, competencies and performance, she said.

– Sunday Observer Sri Lanka

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