Will AC Milan bow down to Rafael Leao's demands?

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Portuguese international Rafael Leao has emerged as the talisman of AC Milan from the latest season of Serie A. Scoring 11 goals and 10 assists, the 23-year-old has grabbed the attention of all football clubs on himself and currently, stands in the shoes of dominance. 

As the contract of the Rossonero comes to an end in 2024, AC Milan has this matter to tackle this summer in order to avoid losing him for free. Leao led the club from the front to the peak of becoming champions and now, is the time of crucial decision. 

Considering his significance, Paolo Maldini, Technical Director of Milan, has offered their forward a two year contract extension with a three times hike in his salary, taking it to 4.5 million euros per season. But, Yes, there is a but and this comes because Leao is not convinced with the offer. 

The star player has raised his bar with the world class game and it would take 7 million euros per match to retain him in Milan. Now, would Milan, a club specifically known for not breaching their salary cap even at the cost of letting them go, bow in front of his demands. 

Rossoneri is currently in a critical stage and transfer decisions can affect their performance drastically. It has taken the most successful Italian club in Europe around three years to reach the position where they can get their hands of the silverware. Letting go on their key players can bring the cloud of potential loses, which Ibrahimovic, Maldini and Pioli would definitely not want. 

Departure of Captain Alessio Romangnoli can already take the shape of a dent in Serie A 2022 champions’ line-up, and another departure can further this affect. 

However, there is a release clause of 150 million euros for Leao that is keeping Milan safe but there are clubs who are coming hovering around this meat like sharks in tanks. Some are close to give release clause amount to get the star player of the hour. 

As per reports, Real Madrid has offered 120 million but the final decision is yet to be made. Whatever may be the case in the transfer, but if Leao leaves, Rossoneri would require a strong replacement for the international star.


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