Why Kim Kardashian Feels No Guilt Over Kanye West Divorce

Kim Kardashian is living with no regrets.

During the finale episode of “The Kardashians,” the SKIMS mogul revealed just how hard she tried to maintain her relationship with her ex-husband Kanye West before ultimately filing for divorce in January.

The episode featured Khloe Kardashian‘s world falling apart once more after discovering that her partner Tristan Thompson had not only cheated on her again but also gotten the other woman pregnant.

While comforting her younger sister, Kim referenced her own experiences about dealing with a breakup publicly.

“I don’t know if I should unfollow Tristan again. I don’t want to play that game publicly,” she told Khloe, before alluding to her past troubles with West. “I feel like we always tip toe around each other’s situations because we don’t want to meddle and I respect that no one came to me during my marriage and was like, ‘Are you good?’ Everyone let me have my own journey and see that on my own and I appreciate that, but sometimes I look back like, ‘When do we jump in?'”

Despite the judgment of the public eye, the KKW Beauty founder says that she finds peace in knowing she tried everything she could to repair their relationship.

“If people knew what my relationship was like, they’d be like, ‘How did it last this long?'” Kim continued. “But I can live with myself knowing I tried everything possible to make a situation work, so I can walk away guilt free and I feel like you can at least say, you had a family, you tried and you can look your daughter in the face.”

Khloe learned that Thompson had knocked up Maralee Nichols while on a phone call with Kim on Thursday’s season finale of “The Kardashians.” Though Kim and her sisters already read a report in the Daily Mail which included a declaration from Thompson admitting to sleeping with Nichols, Khloe called Kim before even reading it — and only registered what it was after getting on the line.

“What?! What the f— is this? No, what the f—. This cannot be happening!” Khloe exclaimed, before legal eagle Kim explained the lawsuit between Nichols and Tristan and Thompson’s declaration to her sister. “Let me f—ing call him, I can’t f—ing believe this,” Khloe responded.

To Kim, she saw the situation as “the biggest sign” for Khloe to not have another kid with Thompson. “I just would like the truth,” responded Khloe, before she started audibly sobbing over the phone.

“We really believed that he had changed. I was his biggest supporter,” Kim said. “But if this isn’t more clear, the most clear situation, I don’t know what is.”

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