We Miss You KK: 5 heart-melting songs by the singer that will make you miss him even more

We Miss You KK:

KK was performing LIVE in an auditorium of Kolkata last night where thousands of fans of the singer were present and enjoying his performance. Little did they or he knew it was going to be his last. KK was one of the most versatile singers in the Indian film industry, KK has recorded songs in several languages, including Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Bengali.

Bollywood singer and composer Krishnakumar Kunnath, popularly known by his stage name KK, passed away on Tuesday night. 

Here are some of his songs that are making us miss him more now…

The song is timeless, ageless and undoubtedly one of the most heart-touching ones of all time. The core meaning might about bidding ‘Alvida’ to your loved one as he/she is away from you but it is so difficult to say ‘Alvida’ to KK.

Probably one of the most underrated songs sung by the legend KK, the lyrics of the song couldn’t hurt one more right now than ever. ‘teri dard ki aahat suni.. lo aa gaya sab chod ke’, and even though the song says ‘tu bhoola jise tujko woh yaad karta raha,’ there is no way we are forgetting KK.

A song that might be over 15 years old but continues to tickle the heartstrings more than ever. KK’s voice accentuates the song which is about a lover remembering his love and the memories. 

Every single music lover and more so KK lover might be yearning and willing to say these lines to the man as he is no more with us. ‘abhi abhi toh mile ho, abhi na karo chootne ki baat’

The most popular song possibly in every moment of nostalgia, sadness, bittersweet feeling and other feelings we feel, ‘yaad ayenge ye pal’ is possibly the most timeless song ever and seems a fitting farewell to the legend of KK.

The news of his untimely demise has left his fan shattered and the entertainment industry under shock, the legendary singer was gifted with a boisterous yet mellifluous voice that will be remembered by his fans for many decades to come.

According to media reports, KK was performing on the Nazrul stage in Kolkata. During the performance, he felt restless and was then taken to the nearby CMRI Hospital. During this, the doctors declared him dead. In the preliminary investigation, the cause of death is said to be a heart attack. At present, KK’s body has been sent to the hospital for post-mortem.


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