Watch: Paraglider flies with black vulture, viral video delights netizens

New Delhi:

Animal videos are always a delight to watch and when there are vultures in them, the excitement becomes double. Just like this viral video of a vulture. We guarantee that this video will leave you stunned and mesmerized. 

In the video, a black vulture can be seen calmly flying beside a paraglider at a height of thousands of feet above land. The bird is also seen adjusting its flight in the air by moving the rear part of its body (or the tail) up-down and right-left. Further in the video, the giant vulture is  seen landing on the paraglider’s feet, while the person starts caressing it.  

After being shared online, the video amassed over 15.5m views. Netizens were very impressed and shared their thoughts in the comment section. See some of the reactions here:


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