Virginia school ask students their preferred pronoun for use; parents not notified

New Delhi:

 A group of six parents and teachers have come out to insinuate a lawsuit against Harrisonburg City Public School. They have taken this step, in regard to a school division policy on gender identity and the treatment of transgender students. 

The lead party in the lawsuit, which was filed in Rockingham County Circuit Court by Deborah Figliola, Kristine Marsh, Laura and Timothy Nelson, and Nicole an John Stephens. Their case is being fought by Alliance Defending Freedom, Catholic legal advocacy group based in Scottsdale, Arizona. 

The policy being talked about require an individual student to inform the school regarding their preferred names and pronoun. The school will then inculcate the same for future references from that point in time onwards. 

This comes after a policy decision that was taken in last August. This came after the Virginia Department of Education issued a model policy on the treatment of transgender students. The same policy was required to be adopted by all school divisions in the Commonwealth.

The student can choose a pronoun for identification which may differ by the virtue of birth. The biggest drawback of this entire scenario as being pointed out by these parents is an absence of notification from school’s end to the parent or guardian of a particular student.


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