Video: More than 40 crocodiles surround lioness and THIS happens next

New Delhi:

On social media, you will get to see many videos of the forest, in which some are heart-wrenching and many are heart-touching. Now a shocking video has surfaced on the internet which features a lioness trapped among many crocodiles. The incredible footage was shared on Youtube by a user named Cat Mashers.

In the horrific footage, the


can be seen surrounded by more than 40 crocodiles. The


tries to reach the water’s edge as soon as possible just to save its life. To reach the shore, the predator has to pass through the crocodiles. As the clip goes on, the


jumped on top of the crocodiles as soon as he got a chance and jumped into the water and reached the shore. The hungry reptile tried to grab the lioness in between its jaws but the latter successfully escaped.

The clip of the encounter has racked up over 1.4k views online and managed to capture the attention of the internet. Check how Netizens reacted:

One user said, “I’m so glad it ended well for the lion, that was a close call!” Another wrote, “That’s the stupidest and the bravest thing I have ever seen a lioness doing.”


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