Verdict Reached In Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial

After six weeks of testimony and wall-to-wall media coverage, a verdict has been reached in Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s dueling defamation trial. It’ll be read at 3pm ET and Depp, who has been in the UK all weekend, will not be present when the verdict is announced.

Following closing arguments on Friday, May 27, the jury — consisting of five men and two women — had been in deliberations, entering their third day on Wednesday.

Depp was seeking $50 million in damages after Heard claimed she was a survivor of domestic abuse in an op-ed in the Washington Post in 2018. While she didn’t name Depp in the piece, his lawyers argue it was implied to be about him and negatively affected his career.

After failing to get the case thrown out, she countersued Depp for $100 million.

Throughout the six week trial, both Heard and Depp testified about the alleged abuse they suffered at the hands of the other.

In his final appearance on the stand last week, Depp called Heard’s allegations “insane” — before saying her claims were “Horrible. Ridiculous. Humiliating. Ludicrous. Painful. Savage. Unimaginably brutal. Cruel. And all false. All false.”

“No human being is perfect, certainly not, none of us. But I have never in my life committed sexual battery, physical abuse, all these outlandish, outrageous stories of me committing these things and living with it for six years and waiting to be able to bring the truth out,” he added. “So this is not easy for any of us. I know that. But no matter what happens, I did get here and I did tell the truth and I have spoken up for what I have been carrying on my back, reluctantly, for six years.”

Heard, meanwhile, said she simply wants Depp “to leave me alone.”

“The harassment and the humiliation, the campaign against me that’s echoed every single day on social media, and now in front of cameras in the showroom — every single day I have to relive the trauma,” she said last Thursday. “Perhaps it’s easy to forget I’m a human being.”

“Johnny has taken enough of my voice,” she added. “I have the right to tell my story.”

The actor already lost an earlier lawsuit he took in the UK over the same article that appeared in The Sun. See more coverage of the ongoing trial here.

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