Vastu Tips: Never keep THESE idols of Lord Ganesha in house; may affect financial condition

New Delhi:

In Hinduism, Lord Ganesha is considered to be the first among all the gods. Therefore, Ganesh ji is worshiped before the beginning of any important work.  It is a religious belief that where Lord Ganesha resides, there also resides Riddhi, Siddhi which promotes harmony in the house. According to Vastu, keeping the idol of Lord Ganesha in the house is considered very auspicious, but some rules have been given regarding keeping the idol of Lord Ganesha, if these rules are not followed one may have to face financial crisis. 

Let us know what things should be kept in mind while keeping the idol or idol of Ganesh ji in the house:

According to Vastu, if there are more than two idols of Lord Ganesha in the house, then do not keep them at the same place.

Such an idol of Lord Ganesha should not be brought in home in which his trunk is on the right, because there are special rules for worshiping Ganapati ji with the trunk on the right.

Keeping the idol of Ganesh ji at the main entrance of the house brings positivity in the house, but keep in mind, keep the idol in such a way that the back of Ganesh ji is outside.

It is said that if the idol of Ganapati ji is kept in the place of worship of the house, then it should not be very big. Always keep a small idol in the house.

The idol of Ganesh ji should not be placed in the living room of the house, and at the same time, Ganpati ji should not be kept at the place under the stairs.

If there is an idol of Ganesh ji in your house, then incense-lamp must be shown regularly. According to Vastu Shastra, it keeps the atmosphere of the house positive.


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